Am I a candidate for laser teeth whitening?

Just about anyone is a candidate for teeth whitening. However, the following cases should be considered:

  • You must be 18 years of age or older
  • Have no cavities
  • Teeth with any fillings on the front surface, crowns, root canal treated teeth or any restorations will not whiten. Only enamel (actual tooth structure) will whiten.
  • White spots or white lines on teeth will not disappear with whitening.

Will my teeth be sensitive to laser teeth whitening ?

Prior to whitening we will discuss your options and work with you to achieve your goals as we have several in-office concentrations.

We do everything we can to minimize sensitivity. The whitening gels contain an active ingredient which is commonly used in sensitive toothpaste. During the first 24 hours following whitening, some clients experience transient sensitivity. This sensitivity is usually mild and will subside in 1‐2 days.

Under these circumstances, you may choose to stop the procedure at any given time and we can resume at another appointment.

If your teeth are sensitive after whitening, a mild analgesic such as Tylenol or Advil will usually be effective in making you more comfortable until your tooth sensitivity returns to normal.

How long does laser teeth whitening last?

What good is instant results if they don’t stay? In our 3-session package we use 2 different types of whitening gel. One that is stronger and works faster, and the other breaks down slower but makes your results last longer. We use these two products to get optimal, stabilized results.

Everybody is different. How long the whitening lasts depends on your diet, habits, and enamel make-up.

Following completion of whitening, pigments found in food and drinks, smoking, and pigments, called chromogenic bacteria, will re‐stain your teeth.

You may use daily whitening toothpaste, and it will also be in your best interest to tongue brush daily.

You will benefit from a touch up session in-office to freshen up and brighten your smile again.

How much whiter will my teeth get?

There is no totally reliable way to predict how light your teeth will whiten. If you’re a first time whitener, 3 sessions are usually recommended (completed in one appointment).

What is the difference between over-the-counter and in-office whitening?

In-office whitening is much stronger and can only be sold to dental professionals who are trained to apply it.

Generally, over-the-counter products are only designed to remove surface stains, many are not proven safe and therefore not recommended.

There are 2 active ingredients in in-office whitening: carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide.

Carbamide peroxide is 1/3 of the strength of hydrogen peroxide. This is commonly used in patients who already have dentinal sensitivity.

It is not as strong however, the results are still great!

Hydrogen peroxide is much stronger and can only be applied by a dental professional, no OTC product will have a strong concentration of this chemical.

OTC products commonly cause gingival irritation (when a portion of the whitening gel seeps onto the gums) and sensitivity due to improper placement, overfilling trays, or if strip size is too big.


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